You must stay drunk on writing so reality cannot destroy you. ~Ray Bradbury~

08 June 2010


Well, I survived the end of school...and dove right back into school.

So much for my uninterupted writing binge. Money troubles dictated that I had to have a job this summer or we would lose everything. And I mean everything. Not that there's that much to lose, but I rather enjoy having a roof over my head and a car to drive.

So I'm working as a Summer School aide. Woot. I've never worked with High School kids before and I've decided after 2 days that I rather dislike it. There's just so much DRAMA!!!!! It's ridiculous. I'm rusty on my government skills, my math skills suck, and I have no experience with speech. The only real good I can do is assist with the english classes, which don't really seem to need my help so far.

On the writing front, I'm outlinging like mad on Far to Fall, 14 chapters and a prelude done. FtF WILL get written. I'm writing every chance I get, including during down time at work and late, late into the evenings. It's coming together rather nicely. I have high hopes. For now.

We shall see where it all goes...


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