You must stay drunk on writing so reality cannot destroy you. ~Ray Bradbury~

30 November 2009

Epic Fail

So my NaNo was an epic fail.

Too many distractions and diversions and just plain laziness all contributed to my failure, along with a massive miscommunication between my characters and I. We just weren't speaking the same language or something. The story didn't flow like I needed it to and it made writing swiftly intensely difficult.

I have decided to put the story to rest for a while and start working on something else to maybe help clear my brain.

I have been putting off the editing and arranging my poems to hopefully publish in an anthology in order to do NaNo, so I'm going to start back up on that project for a while.
I have several ideas nibbling at the back of my mind that I may start working on. There's also the massive backpile of unfinished projects saved in one place or another that I could tackle.

So who knows.

I think there's plenty to occupy my time. I just need to focus. That's all, right?


It seems so easy when I write it and read it. It's just putting it into practice that seems to be the hard part.


29 November 2009

A Poem

Here's my newest composition, a distraction from my novel in the hopes of lifting the spirits of a friend.


She Will
K.K. Hall

Deep inside
A core so strong

She will not break!

A deep trouble
In her heart

She will persevere!

Troubles her
Makes her cringe

She will stay strong!

Plagues her
Haunts her thoughts

She will not give in!

Stresses her
Causes her grief

She will do well!

Lives in her
And in those who love her

She will live!

24 November 2009

Thanksgiving Weekend

I am so far behind on my NaNo project that I have very little chance of finishing on time, but the coming holiday weekend brings 5 days where the only interruptions I have are the actual Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday and getting my pictures taken on Sunday. Hopefully this will lead to many thouseands of words being produced by yours, truly in a vain attempt to finish this damn project.

This month may not be teaching me as much discipline as I had hoped for my writing, but it is teaching how much I have to learn about being disciplined and forcing myself to work. I have some good role models (Scarlett and Lori, to name two) to base my work ethic on and some success stories (Lori and Adam and several other friends) to make my mouth water and my heart scream "I want that!!!!!"

If I am going to make it as the writer that I want to be, I have to make it for myself. There has to be commitment and discipline that I have been severely lacking for my whole life, most especially since I took this dream to hand and decided that this was what I wanted.

Well, if I want it, I just have to prove it, now don't I? So bring on the holiday weekend. I'm raring to go.


18 November 2009

Something New to go Gaga Over

I will briefly take a break from noveling blog entries to gush over my newest obsession.

Barnes and Noble has come out with an eReader much like the Amazon Kindle (my previous obsession) with a bunch more features and bigger memory (more books!!!).

I have fallen in love with the Nook. I want one desperately, almost more than I want my Netbook (almost, but not quite). The prices are identical and for many more features, the Nook is a much better deal. And of course there's my absolute love for B&N to begin with to sweeten the deal.

I am trying incredibly hard to save money for a Netbook with life expenses sucking away my paychecks before I even see them, but I will get there and as soon as I do I will start saving for a Nook.

Who knows? By the time I can afford one, they'll probably be a lot cheaper than $256! So, keeping my fingers crossed.

And who knows? maybe Santa will be kind to me...or maybe not...

We shall see...


16 November 2009

Staying Optimistic

I'm way behind on my wordcount. My life is crazy hectic. It seems like I'll never be able finish my project.

But I won't let the negative thoughts into my head. I won't be discouraged.

I can do this.

I can.


13 November 2009

Chugging On...

I'm still several thousand words behind where I want to be, but I'm making progress. I have a weekend with minimal commitments, so I'll have a lot of time for writing. I just have to utilize it. We'll see where it goes.

*Fingers crossed*


11 November 2009

10 November 2009

Falling Behind

It's week two and I am about 2000 words behind where I need to be to stay caught up. It's frustrating when life gets in the way so much. My story has taken on a life of its own, going places I never expected it to. My characters are becoming completely different people than I originally imagined them to be. Both those things makes the story a lot harder to write. It's not flowing like I need it to. And on top life distractions, I have a head full of other story ideas and characters screaming in my brain to have my attention. I have a very full head, which makes for a very difficult time writing.

But I will make it through this. I will finish.

I will.



06 November 2009


I've made it to 13% on my little counter thingy! Hurray! Just keep plugging along!


05 November 2009


4648 and counting...

04 November 2009

Daily Word Count Update


I'm falling a little behind already. But I'll have Saturdays and Sundays with no work to catch up.

03 November 2009

NaNo Day 2

Total word count:

Daily Word Count:


02 November 2009

NaNo day 1 Stats

Word count:


Not a bad start!