You must stay drunk on writing so reality cannot destroy you. ~Ray Bradbury~

11 February 2014

Trying again

I sit here and stare at my tablet screen, wondering how to promise my readers, if there any left, that I will be more faithful about writing, both on the blog and in general. I've failed so many times before that I am positive no one will believe me. But I really hope to be strong and keep my determination from waning.

I may never make it as a writer. I'm not sure I have the discipline. But I will never stop trying. I have a brand new tablet, several new writing buddies to nudge me along, and a supportive family backing me up. One thing that may hinder me, is the beautiful new addition to our family, who made her appearance last November. I am all about showing her off these days. As you know, babies take up a lot of time and have unpredictable schedules. NaNo was a total no this last year, what with baby arriving and all. And last years Camp NaNo was a bust even though I tried both times. The pregnancy just made me too sick.

But enough with excuses. Excuses are the lazy writer's downfall. I am strong. I am determined. I am and will be a writer. I have started outlining a fan fiction piece based off of one of my favorite shows. Nothing more to spoil the surprise, but I will post a snippet or two in time. I have to research and learn about the rules and regulations of fan fic before posting anything, so I don't infringe on any copyright laws. Any help pointing me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.

I guess that's enough for one night. I have fulfilled my wordcount goal for the day, and I must sleep while baby sleeps. God bless and happy writing!


13 November 2012

Been a While

I haven't posted I'm ages. I probably don't even have any followers any more but that doesn't matter. I want to start writing again, both on here and personally. I've started outlining again, and writing a little. NANOWRIMO is kind of a bust this year, but I'm not giving up entirely. I may not hit 50k, but I won't stop writing. It will also be one of my New Year's resolutions (again) to write every day. I'm gonna try my hand at children's books again and maybe start dabbling in poetry again. I have so many dreams.
One big dream that came true this year was meeting and marrying my soulmate. It was a whirlwind adventure and I've never been happier. T is so loving and supportive of my goals and ambitions. He makes me want to succeed in a way I never felt before. He completes me.
A short post, I know, but I promise to write again soon. If anyone actually reads this, thank you.

06 January 2012

New Year, New You...or something...

I kind of abandoned my blogs in the last year. Well, to be perfectly honest, I abandoned my writing period in the last year. Life pretty much got away from me. But, I'm not here to make excuses. It's a new year, maybe our last, though I don't believe that, and I want to make the most of it. My one goal is to write every day. That's it. No word count goals, no finishing story goals, just get words on paper, blog, or word-processing doc every single day. If I want to think negatively, I can say that I've already failed. I've probably written 4 or 5 times in these first 16 days of the new year. But I am bound and determined to think positively. It doesn't matter if I fall down, as long as I pick myself back up. It's going to be a fun year. I will be juggling tech college classes, writing, working, health issues management, getting in shape apartment renovating, and several family trips. It's going to be an adventure, but I'm looking forward with a smile on my face and a positive attitude. To simplify things a tiny bit, I am restricting myself to only my writing blog, both to encourage my writing as a possible means of employment and to keep things slightly less stressful for myself. I will be updating the blog at least once a week, sometimes more. I hope that people will read and respond, so I don't feel quite as alone in this big ole writing world. I appreciate the friendship and support.

Now it's off to get ready for the day job, with the accompaniment of some awesome Pandora music, at least until my favorite morning radio program comes on. ;)

Have a great one peoples.


20 January 2011

A Slight Revision

After conversing with the beautiful Night Owl (always a welcome form of writing procrastination, one of my favorites if I do say), I have decided to take her excellent and expert advice to include blogging toward my word count goal for the year. After all, the goal is to get myself into the habit of writing regularly, and apparently she enjoys my blogging. I have be painfully neglectful of my poor blogs in recent months, and though it may be too much to hope for regular post to BOTH blogs, I will certainly be trying. Of course, the most effort will probably go to this blog, though I have fewer readers here than over at Life Serial. The major focus of my year is going to be my writing, therefore it seems fitting that I write most often here at The Write Stuff.

As Night Owl decrees, so shall it be! Let the words flow!


18 January 2011

New Year, New You

Ok, so last year was a total bust, writing-wise. I didn't meet ANY of my 2010 writing goals and only two of my non-writing goals. I had an AWESOME time visiting my families in both Maine and Kentucky and I joined a gym, but I have only made infrequent appearances at said gym. I've also been seriously lacking in the blogging department.

I did, however, finish my first NANOWRIMO!!! I haven't finished the story, but I made it past the 50k mark before midnight on November 30th!!! This was my third NaNO, but my first win. It felt great, made me feel like the year wasn't a total waste.

This year, my darling Night Owl over at The Unhero's Journey has made me promise to write 1500 words a day starting today. Any words that do not get written will be added to the next day's total and so on. This equals approximately 525,000 words for the year. Today and today only, updating my blog will count towards my word count goal. Too many people have been bugging me about my blogs, and the hours in the day keep slipping away!!!

So here's the goals for 2011:

Writing Goals

1. Write at least 1,500 words every day for a total of 525,000 words this year. Stories, poems, MS, songs, all count toward my word count goal. I will give myself leeway in my daily word count, taking into account several weddings, 2 High School graduations, a baby birth, a memorial service, and a cross country road trip. A few words less here, some more there, you get the picture.

2. Clean up my writing space, so I can have some semblance of order to write in. This will help in the successful completion of #1.

3. Look more deeply into freelance writing and opportunities available. Talk with the pros, research, figure out where I can go with my "talent."

4. Finish and polish up NaNo novel, get it ready for submission.

Non-Writing Goals

1. Help Roommate find a new job.

2. Clean up and weed out our clutter. Organize, rearrange, make our living space more...liveable.

3. Work out. Gym, pool, home, whatever it takes to lose the weight. I'm aiming for at least 2 pants sizes, and 1 shirt size, minimum. Don't ask for numbers, cuz I'll never tell... ;)

4. Find a summer job in Maine, so I'm not a total bum for 3 months. Start saving a little at a time.

5. Bankruptcy. Enough said.

6. Become a full tithe payer. The Lord blesses those who are obedient...or so I've heard...

7. Get my sorry butt back into college!!!! Get in gear toward getting my degree.

8. Visit Canada while I'm back East. There are some wonderful people that I just need to hang out with in person (you know who you are)!!! This also requires getting my butt in gear and applying for a passport.

Whew!! Ok, so maybe my goals are a little unbalanced this year, but I've got to get a lot together before I can make my life work. I'm hoping that this will be a better year than last.

What are your goals for 2011???


01 November 2010

NaNo Day 1 Wordcount

So in the first two hours of NaNoWriMo 2010 I wrote 684 words. Then I came home and slept until mid-afternoon (not exactly in my plans...). I wrote a grand total of 2,064 words for the first day. In the midst of massive back pain and the side effects of painkillers. I'm pretty impressed with myself. And now I plan on drugging myself into oblivion and sleeping until morning. Work tomorrow, then writing until I pass out. My goal for tomorrow is 2,500 words. Go me.

Hope everyone made their wordcount goals for the day, whether you're doing NaNo or not!!!


31 October 2010

NaNo 2010

Ok so tonight at midnight is the official start of NaNoWriMo 2010. If you live in the US or Canada or anywhere in our nearby timezones, you still have plenty of time to register and get yourself ready. And by plenty of time I mean 9 hours!!!!!

I'm so stoked. I've been saving for a Netbook, and I might have enough money by halfway through the month. Until then, I'll be doing Write-Ins by hand and the rest of the time I'll write on D's new owrk PC when she lets me and on the dying laptop when she doesn't! ;)

I had a most spectacular fall flat on my back yesterday, during which my entire left side went numb and I'm hurting a LOT today, especially in my left arm and hand and my back. So writing by hand at the Midnight Write-In tonight should be interesting. We shall see how it goes.

My NaNo novel is called Roads Taken. My MC came to me in a dream. I think hers will be an interesting story to tell. Her name is Sasha and she's going on a trip with her bet friend Sam and her dog (who is unnamed as of late). I'm excited and I really want to succeed this year. I plan to attend every single Wednesday Write-In and every other Saturday/Sunday one. I need all the moral support I can get!!!

So, are you doing NaNo this year???