You must stay drunk on writing so reality cannot destroy you. ~Ray Bradbury~

10 December 2009

Voices in My Head...

Character voices, that is.

There's a story nagging at the back of my brain, characters whispering in my ear. Unlike with Shifting Destinies, I don't think this one will be forced. I think that this story will come easier, flow better than the last. I'm excited to begin outlining and then writing. I haven't written anything novel-wise since NaNo ended (I've written several new poems) and I'm excited to start up again.

So bring on the creative flows!



  1. Sounds good Kaity. And exciting.

    I haven't really written anything since NaNo ended. Still working on sorting out brainstorming before I begin an outline, but NaNo editing will start soon, so looking forward to that.

    Have fun with your outline and the book.

  2. Woop!!! :D

    I love the beginning! Loads of ideas, limitless potential, and the perfect excuse to have lots more hot showers/baths for the purposes of brainstorming. :-)