You must stay drunk on writing so reality cannot destroy you. ~Ray Bradbury~

20 January 2011

A Slight Revision

After conversing with the beautiful Night Owl (always a welcome form of writing procrastination, one of my favorites if I do say), I have decided to take her excellent and expert advice to include blogging toward my word count goal for the year. After all, the goal is to get myself into the habit of writing regularly, and apparently she enjoys my blogging. I have be painfully neglectful of my poor blogs in recent months, and though it may be too much to hope for regular post to BOTH blogs, I will certainly be trying. Of course, the most effort will probably go to this blog, though I have fewer readers here than over at Life Serial. The major focus of my year is going to be my writing, therefore it seems fitting that I write most often here at The Write Stuff.

As Night Owl decrees, so shall it be! Let the words flow!


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