You must stay drunk on writing so reality cannot destroy you. ~Ray Bradbury~

11 February 2014

Trying again

I sit here and stare at my tablet screen, wondering how to promise my readers, if there any left, that I will be more faithful about writing, both on the blog and in general. I've failed so many times before that I am positive no one will believe me. But I really hope to be strong and keep my determination from waning.

I may never make it as a writer. I'm not sure I have the discipline. But I will never stop trying. I have a brand new tablet, several new writing buddies to nudge me along, and a supportive family backing me up. One thing that may hinder me, is the beautiful new addition to our family, who made her appearance last November. I am all about showing her off these days. As you know, babies take up a lot of time and have unpredictable schedules. NaNo was a total no this last year, what with baby arriving and all. And last years Camp NaNo was a bust even though I tried both times. The pregnancy just made me too sick.

But enough with excuses. Excuses are the lazy writer's downfall. I am strong. I am determined. I am and will be a writer. I have started outlining a fan fiction piece based off of one of my favorite shows. Nothing more to spoil the surprise, but I will post a snippet or two in time. I have to research and learn about the rules and regulations of fan fic before posting anything, so I don't infringe on any copyright laws. Any help pointing me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.

I guess that's enough for one night. I have fulfilled my wordcount goal for the day, and I must sleep while baby sleeps. God bless and happy writing!


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