You must stay drunk on writing so reality cannot destroy you. ~Ray Bradbury~

24 November 2009

Thanksgiving Weekend

I am so far behind on my NaNo project that I have very little chance of finishing on time, but the coming holiday weekend brings 5 days where the only interruptions I have are the actual Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday and getting my pictures taken on Sunday. Hopefully this will lead to many thouseands of words being produced by yours, truly in a vain attempt to finish this damn project.

This month may not be teaching me as much discipline as I had hoped for my writing, but it is teaching how much I have to learn about being disciplined and forcing myself to work. I have some good role models (Scarlett and Lori, to name two) to base my work ethic on and some success stories (Lori and Adam and several other friends) to make my mouth water and my heart scream "I want that!!!!!"

If I am going to make it as the writer that I want to be, I have to make it for myself. There has to be commitment and discipline that I have been severely lacking for my whole life, most especially since I took this dream to hand and decided that this was what I wanted.

Well, if I want it, I just have to prove it, now don't I? So bring on the holiday weekend. I'm raring to go.


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