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18 November 2009

Something New to go Gaga Over

I will briefly take a break from noveling blog entries to gush over my newest obsession.

Barnes and Noble has come out with an eReader much like the Amazon Kindle (my previous obsession) with a bunch more features and bigger memory (more books!!!).

I have fallen in love with the Nook. I want one desperately, almost more than I want my Netbook (almost, but not quite). The prices are identical and for many more features, the Nook is a much better deal. And of course there's my absolute love for B&N to begin with to sweeten the deal.

I am trying incredibly hard to save money for a Netbook with life expenses sucking away my paychecks before I even see them, but I will get there and as soon as I do I will start saving for a Nook.

Who knows? By the time I can afford one, they'll probably be a lot cheaper than $256! So, keeping my fingers crossed.

And who knows? maybe Santa will be kind to me...or maybe not...

We shall see...



  1. Lol...I can feel your excitement. Though as computer crazy as I am (totally), e-readers are one thing that don't interest me. It's not to say that I won't accept one for free, but I wouldn't spend money on it, because I don't like e-books, and I certainly would never pay for them. I love my traditional, tangible books including the current 1200 page tome that I carry with me to work and sometimes hurts my hand because I read as I walk. It's totally worth it.

    But netbook, oh yes. I love my Finn. He is my favourite computer ever, and our first project together (NaNO) has been a very productive enterprise.

  2. I haven't gotten into the electronic reader thing yet. I wish someone I knew who lived here had one so i could see it for myself!