You must stay drunk on writing so reality cannot destroy you. ~Ray Bradbury~

30 November 2009

Epic Fail

So my NaNo was an epic fail.

Too many distractions and diversions and just plain laziness all contributed to my failure, along with a massive miscommunication between my characters and I. We just weren't speaking the same language or something. The story didn't flow like I needed it to and it made writing swiftly intensely difficult.

I have decided to put the story to rest for a while and start working on something else to maybe help clear my brain.

I have been putting off the editing and arranging my poems to hopefully publish in an anthology in order to do NaNo, so I'm going to start back up on that project for a while.
I have several ideas nibbling at the back of my mind that I may start working on. There's also the massive backpile of unfinished projects saved in one place or another that I could tackle.

So who knows.

I think there's plenty to occupy my time. I just need to focus. That's all, right?


It seems so easy when I write it and read it. It's just putting it into practice that seems to be the hard part.


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