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28 January 2010

Going With the Trend...Book Review Time!!!

So I thought that I would follow the trend that I see with a lot of my friends in blogland and write a book review. This book is neither new nor widespread popular, but it caught my eye in passing at the Library and I read it and fell in love with it.

It's called A Dance for Three

It's written by Louise Plummer

This is a young adult book that deals with some really troubling issues. It combines the trauma of first love lost, teenage pregnancy, religion, and mental illness.

Told from three different vantage points, this story is witty and heart wrenching and very well written.

I loved it. The roommate loved it. Therefore, it pretty much rocked.

There were faults. Sometimes the dialogue didn't flow as well as it could have. I could have used a little more insight into the other character's view points. But overall it was a great story with a great message to it.

This is my first book review, like, ever, so tell me how I did, pretty please!!


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