You must stay drunk on writing so reality cannot destroy you. ~Ray Bradbury~

07 January 2010


Well, I'm keeping up with most of my new year's goals, if not all of them. I've written every day (all seven of them) but I've not made it to 500 words even once.

Life just seems to keep getting in the way.

And it doesn't help that I've had to take apart my outline and redo it...twice. Things just didn't flow right. My MC Leanna was in the wrong places at the wrong times of her life and it was driving me nuts. Things just weren't working. But, I think I've got the outline in the correct order now...I just have to finish it so I can start writing Leanna's story.

She's begging me to. It's like a constant distraction at work. I have to stop every 5 minutes to make a note of something that Leanna has told me that I didn't know and is vital to her story. She whispers in my ears at night and during the day and I'm ready to get her story down on paper.

I just need to find the time.

Now I know that's an excuse, and a lame ass one at that. I've been lazy and a slacker, that's all there is to it. I need to get my butt in a chair and my hands on a keyboard and get typing.

I just do.


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