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31 October 2010

NaNo 2010

Ok so tonight at midnight is the official start of NaNoWriMo 2010. If you live in the US or Canada or anywhere in our nearby timezones, you still have plenty of time to register and get yourself ready. And by plenty of time I mean 9 hours!!!!!

I'm so stoked. I've been saving for a Netbook, and I might have enough money by halfway through the month. Until then, I'll be doing Write-Ins by hand and the rest of the time I'll write on D's new owrk PC when she lets me and on the dying laptop when she doesn't! ;)

I had a most spectacular fall flat on my back yesterday, during which my entire left side went numb and I'm hurting a LOT today, especially in my left arm and hand and my back. So writing by hand at the Midnight Write-In tonight should be interesting. We shall see how it goes.

My NaNo novel is called Roads Taken. My MC came to me in a dream. I think hers will be an interesting story to tell. Her name is Sasha and she's going on a trip with her bet friend Sam and her dog (who is unnamed as of late). I'm excited and I really want to succeed this year. I plan to attend every single Wednesday Write-In and every other Saturday/Sunday one. I need all the moral support I can get!!!

So, are you doing NaNo this year???


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