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25 October 2010

Slightly off the Normal Topic...

Now, usually I reserve this blog for strictly writing related topics, but I really want to spread the word as far and wide as I possible can. Here goes:

So this family was brought to my attention by a friend of mine. They work with a program called Reece's Rainbow that advocate for children all over the world who are in orphanages and institutions simply because they were born with Down Syndrome.

They are currently working toward adopting 2 children, Ianna and Axel. They both have different conditions and I believe they are each from different countries. They are both around ten years old.

At the moment, they are very, very close to being able to bring Axel home. Hopefully, the Lord willing, they will leave for his country sometime in December to start the process of bringing him home.

At the moment they are holding a raffle for an iPad. As you know, these things are pretty pricey. But right now you can buy a raffle ticket for one of these babies for $25. And if you donate $100 to the site, you get 5 entries.

Here's the family's blog:
And here's the entry advertising the raffle:

I hope that some of you wonderful blog readers will be able to help this family out by contributing to the raffle or at least spreading the word.

God bless you all, my lovely blog readers.



  1. This is a great thing to spread the word about! Best to this family.

  2. Thank you!! They've gotten a hard time about a post titled "What to Pray for" so they deleted it. The comment that woman made was horrible!!! I think that what they're doing is amazing!!!!!